IBP: Frames from Molding

Learn how fun it can be to create your own custom frames out of molding. Simply start with inexpensive molding from the hardware store, combine the great tips from me, with a saw and some of your favorite paint and glue and you can craft your own frames similar to the stylish ones you've seen all over Pinterest.

I made the frame around my set's Pinterest Logo
My (distraction) Project Frame...super easy to recreate! 
I am in LOVE with Brookie Craft's Stencil Sheets

Cut your own designs using your electronic cutters. 

My secret weapon is DAP Caulk (Walmart $4)
One of my most favorite frames from this episode!
  Here's the links to the blogs referenced in this episode:
Etsy Shop
Blog Credits: Shanty 2 Chick (my favorite)
Blog Credit: Real Housewives of Buck County
Blog Credits: U-Creates Crafts Guest Blog Post by Shanty 2 Chic
Blog Credits: Ready Made

Blog Credits: Becky Higgins (love you girl)
Blog Credits: House of Smiths
Blog Credits: In My Own Style
Stenciled Frames - Etsy Shop
Be sure to join me next week me next week when I show you what to do with all those incomplete board games, in my "Game Boards & Game Pieces Episode."

Disclaimer: Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration but not all pins lead to blogs. I tried to only pick those ideas that I could find the original creator and give credit to. Please take a moment and check out these great blogs because without them I wouldn't have content to talk about on the new My Craft Channel show Inspired by Pinterest.  If you've never been to Pinterest and would like to check it out, you need an invite to the site to gain access (I don't know why). Just leave me a comment with your email and I'll send you an invite. However, I cannot be responsible for the time you will be spending on Pinterest!!