Host a Pinterest Party

Have you heard about a PINTEREST PARTY? The minute I read about this I was so excited and I cannot wait to put one together soon with some of my friends. So since I love the idea so much and I cannot invite you all to my home to be part of my Pinterest Party, I thought I'd share where the idea came from and you can learn from some pros. And we can be planning our own Pinterest Parties all over the world!! 

First off, it started on Pinterest. I found a pin that was labeled "Pinterest Party" and my curiosity was peeked. So I clicked over to Fancy Little Things website, she was the host and then found links to some of the attendees too, so I hopped over to Flamingo Toes blog and another blog post from one of the girls that coordinated the party over at Daily Grommet in her blog post, Beyond the Pin, Pinterest Party Fun

How to Host a Pinterest Party
1. Determine what "Pinterest Inspired Projects" you want to create. Knowing my friends if I gave them choices they'd pick them all, so I think it would be easier to pick the projects I want to create. Or put each person in charge of a different project...that might be fun too! 
2. Ask your friends to pitch in $20 or so to help cover the costs of the supplies. They of course may vary based on which craft projects you pick. 

3. Set the date. Invite your Friends. And of course, ask everyone to bring yummy food to share...because what's the point of a party if there's no food involved. I hosted a scrapbooking crop one time and asked everyone to bring their favorite "appetizer" to share and that was one of my favs, but hey dessert party would work too!

So let's all plan our Pinterest Parties for this summer!! Let me know when you do and blog about it, I'd love to link up and share with my readers.