Imagination is More Important

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you keep seeing the same message pop up everywhere. You see it on TV, you see it on a bumper sticker, you hear it on the radio and then you see it pop up on Facebook and Pinterest. Well I have had one of those weeks recently and this is the quote I kept seeing all over!
Quote by Albert Einstein
I am starting to wonder if "someone" is trying to send me a message. 

Or maybe I just needed a reminder that my "Imagination is more important than knowledge." As I'm getting older I'm I can say that my knowledge is decreasing (probably more my memory), but my imagination continues to sour!!

I am so grateful for the many people I interact with that continue to INSPIRE me each day. They help my imagination grow and for those people, I thank you!! And of course, THANK YOU for letting me share my imagination with you all. I appreciate that you have stopped and taken the time to ready my quick thoughts. Have a GREAT day!!