My Craft Channel's First Blooper Reel

I was so excited when I was sent my first 
official blooper reel from my filming 
"Inspired by Pinterest" for My Craft Channel

However, now I'm rethinking why 
I'm posting this for all of you to see. 
You get to see it thanks for laughing 
WITH me and not AT me!


Maria said…
ya'll were so cute even though you messed up. Thanks for sharing
cstaat said…
I have never laughed so hard as when I laughed at myself. While on the beach one Sunday, I looked down and noticed I had put on one pink and one blue tennis shoe. I had such a great laugh.
Michelle Gray said…
Love bloopers. Helps me to realize that you craft mavens are human too!
Lezlye said…
Glad to see everyone is human! I always thought it was just me when making a video! Ha
Auntie Em said…
Hehehe! I am so glad nobody is taping me while I am crafting! The whole thing would be a blooper somedays! :D Actually there weren't very many bloopers considering all the amazing videos there are on My Craft Channel! :)
cin2273 said…
Lori you are oo cute! Lol! The sprinkler dance. Love it!

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