Natural Beauty Tips with a Spiritual Twist

I created these for this year's Girls Camp. I wanted to create something that took every day Natural Beauty Tips and add a Spiritual twist or theme to them. 

The girls that attend Girls Camp for our Church range in ages 12-17 typically. We attend a camp with almost 400 girls and I am in charge of my group of 26 beautiful girls that will one day be women that will raise more children and influence other girls these ages. So I believe that the spiritual beauty within them is so much more important then the outward beauty. So I'm doing a "craft project" around these for camp. 

I first want to give a shout out to the amazing Diana Nielsen that originally came up with this idea and posted it on one of my all time favorite sites, I really loved where she started with these and there are so many AWESOME ideas for inner beauty tips, beauty bags and activities based around this theme on the site. But since I love graphic design I wanted to put my own twist on the cards and so I created my more photo styled version. 
These are each printed on a 4x6" photographs which I love to do for quotes and sayings I typically hand out to the Young Women. With the help of the internet and it's super easy to recreate these and then I ordered them through my local Sams Club. 

Best part is we're putting these together into recycled cereal box "notebooks" so they can add their notes and thoughts to the book and have these as a reminder. They can be easily torn out of the book if they'd like to display them in on a mirror in their room or elsewhere. If you'd like to see how to create your own cereal box notebooks, it's simple...check out my Recycled Container Inspired by Pinterest episode featured in this blog post (the post will link you to the video tutorial).

I'll post pictures from camp and how the projects turned out after next week. Wish me luck!! 


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