I Still Remember!

Do you recall your parents or grandparents ever saying that they remembered what they were doing the day John F. Kennedy was shot? I use to think that was so strange that they would remember that particular point in time.

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However, I do remember rather vividly what I was doing on Sept. 11, 2001. My mind replays the day in such great details. Even the way I felt and the emotions of complete shock and sadness fill my heart. I remember getting ready to drive from my home in Bountiful to a meeting I had in Provo. For some reason my husband was still home and we heard something on the radio about a plane crashing into one of the towers. I couldn't believe what they were saying and ran to turn on the television only a minute or two before the second plane flew into the second tower. We watched in complete amazement that this was not the creation of some Hollywood director. It was real, it was shocking and it was overwhelming.

We went on with our day catching radio broadcasts throughout the day, talking about what had happened at meetings, wondering still what had happened and most of all WHY! I returned home to hug my children tight as I watched the people of New York City walk home covered in ash. It was devastating.

So although I heard very little talk about 9/11 today and our Scout Troop forgot to put up the flags through our neighborhood, I just wanted to say as my eyes are filled with tears...

I remembered and I will never forget! 


Michelle said...

I remember too and will never forget. I too remember all the details. I turned on the TV before heading to work, first day at a new job. my DH had the day off. I woke him when I saw what had happened. He thought it was a movie.. like something out of a Tom Clancy book. Kind of disappointed that they really didn't talk about it at the kids' schools yesterday. I think they should of.

Marie said...

Not only do I remember 9/11, and 4/19 (I live in Oklahoma), but I remember the details of returning home from school and hearing that President Kennedy was shot. I'm guessing I'm a bit older than you are. ;) These were all events that defined the times, and are engraved on our souls.

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