Inspiration Unlimited 2012

For my long time followers you might remember that I had the fun privilege of teaching at Pre-Inspiration Unlimited last year. It's Teresa Collins' premier scrapbooking event held at Green Valley Ranch outside of Vegas about this time every year. And last year, it was my first ever event that I stayed and attended as a student and LOVED every minute of it!!

So when I was asked again if I'd like to teach and attend again this year, I said absolutely. Now I don't want you to think I get in as a student for free...I don't. I pay the same tuition as the other students and I am spoiled just as much as the other students and I LOVE it all!! Teresa and her team are amazing hosts and this event is beyond amazing thanks to Ginger from Down to Details. She coordinates EVERYTHING and makes everything so much more amazing.

Here's a sneak peek of the classes I'll be teaching at "Pre-Inspiration Unlimited" this year. This day of classes is open to ANYONE in the area that would like to sign-up at attend. Or heck with this short of notice, drop by the Green Valley Ranch and see what classes are still open. I know my Doodlebug and Echo Park/Kiwi Lane classes haven't filled up completely.

Doodlebug Cards & More

Echo Park + Kiwi Lane Layout Class

Spooky Decor Class


Dru Beecher said…
Looks fun! Have a safe trip!

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