Inspired by Pinterest: Unique Vinyl Ideas

Join me today as I show you how to take crafting with vinyl to the next level. I will share creative ways to glitter and bling out vinyl for home decor and gift giving.

I'll show you a fun technique for coating your vinyl with glitter before you apply it to your project.  

Learn how easy it can be to add bling to your vinyl projects...even on your walls. 

I didn't reference any pins in today's episode, I just wanted to share some fun techniques to look at your vinyl in a new way. But be sure to check out more vinyl ideas on my Pinterest board called Vinyl Ideas.

Disclaimer: Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration but not all pins lead to blogs. I tried to only pick those ideas that I could find the original creator and give credit to. Please take a moment and check out these great blogs because without them I wouldn't have content to talk about on Inspired by Pinterest. 


Bobbie Poppleton said...

I would love to check out your Pinterest pins. Can I get an "invite"?

Bobbie Poppleton

Carpet tiles perth said...

Wow, it is really great to have an own designs of vinyl.

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