24 Hour Art Show Experience 2012

Did you know there is an art gallery in the Layton Hills Mall called the Hive Gallery? There use to be another one in the Trolley Square Mall as well and it's the one (probably only) reason that my son goes to the mall. He is a real artist at heart. He loves making art, learning about art and talking about art. Then he started dragging his artistic sister along and they both were hooked. Emily that runs the Hive Gallery shop indulges them both when they stop in and she tells them everything she can about the pieces for sale and the artists that created them.

Then one day she told us about a "24 Hour Art Show" the Hive Gallery puts on and anyone can participate each fall. We were all so excited. I was excited for my kids. But since I was paying and going to take them to the show, I thought why not enter myself too!
(Original date was changed to Nov. 10th)
Now I bet you're wondering what's a 24 Hour Art Show? You've got 24 hours to create your masterpiece!  Here are the rules of the show....

Rule 1: The piece must be created in 24 hours.

Rule 2: All pieces must be on the 12 in. x 12 in. wood canvases (Provided by The Hive Gallery).

Rule 3: Pieces cannot exceed the perimeter of the wood canvas.

Rule 4: Pieces must be dry and ready to hang.

So this week we picked up the canvases and go busy...only one night to work on it with school the next day. My son decided to create a scene from one of his favorite movies in acrylic.

Here's his piece hanging at the art show...

My daughter pulled from one of her favorite topics, sharks and created this awesome piece in acrylic too.
I didn't get a photo of Emma painting her piece, but I did get one of her after first seeing it hung at the gallery show.

And then there's my piece.... keep in mind, I cannot draw to save my life and I certainly cannot paint...well I can tole paint, but that's not the same thing as what this art show was about. So I decided to pull out what I was most familiar with in my own art form and I used things like Mod podge, Glimmer Mist, glitter, my hot glue gun, burlap and even tossed in some scrapbook embellishments (Teresa Collins metal clock faces). 

This was the only "in progress" picture I took.
Here's the finished piece....

And here it is hanging in the art show....

So there you have it... we had to leave before the end of the night so we have no idea if anyone bid on any of our pieces. If they didn't sell at the show then we have the option to pick them up and keep them or set a price and have them sell them at the Hive Gallery. The kids want to see them in the Hive Gallery and try and sell them there...personally, I'd like mine back.

Here's some pictures of some of our favorite canvases from the Gallery Show...

I'm a huge believer in trying to buy local and supporting local artists. If you are out shopping for the holidays, considering hitting a local gallery like The Hive at Layton Hills Mall and picking up handmade jewelry or a unique art piece to share.

UPDATE 11/15/12: I found out after the gallery show that only my piece sold. Which is funny because I would have loved to have it back and the kids really wanted theirs to sell, but they got them back. It's sort of weird thinking that someone purchased my "art" to enjoy in their own space...love it!!

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