Craft Storage Ideas Using Jars + Winner Announced

Someone recently asked me "why do you have so many jars in your craft room." Well I am a firm believer as a crafter that "if I cannot see the craft supplies I own, I will not ever use them." So boxes and containers that might look nice on the outside and hide what is inside just do not work for me. I open them up years later to reveal supplies that I've probably purchased two or three times not realizing where my original stash is.

So I love organizing by "Jar". I think they're beautiful will filled with pretty supplies and I can see what is in them from a distance making it much easier to use. I've tried a ton of different ways to store my craft supplies over the years and this is what works best for me. So I'd like to share some fun Storage Ideas Using Jars with you this post.

I use to have all buttons stored in little clear boxes by color. But the minute I'd drop them on the floor and they'd fall every which way I decided that I was not OCD enough to keep something as yummy as a button sorted by color and size. Therefore the jar was storage was what I have enjoyed the best. I LOVE digging through the jar looking for that perfect button. If I really have to get to the bottom of things I simply pull out a large bowl and start dumping the buttons out. But trust me, I love keeping my jars stored this way and find it just as easy to locate that perfect button as when I had them all sorted.

I received this yummy collection of threads from my friends at Pick Your Plum. And what better way to display them and store them then in a large quart mason jar. I even love that the lid doesn't fit and it looks adorable next to my sewing machine.

I am addicted to twine and again if I cannot see the twine then I won't remember I have it. These large jars I picked up at Walmart for about $7.00 a jar and I have large spools, small spools and carded twine in here. LOVE IT!

This photo below are two of my favorites. I have to admit the old fashioned bottle to the right I filled with brads doesn't get used a ton (simply because I don't use brads that much) but isn't it adorable filled with all those different sizes and colors of brads. And yes, I use to have them all sorted by size and color in a sortable container...so much happier with this and it takes up a LOT less space.

And last but not least is my washi tape jar. Can I just say I am as addicted to washi tape as any crafter is right now and I love that I can see all the yummy designs I've collected. I cannot wait for it to be too full (because you know I can do it).

Here's a quick snap shot of my shelves with my flower, twine and ribbon jars on them. Aren't they a great way to store crafty stuff??

(P.S. Love the Doodlebug Storybook Albums)

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