My Version of Yummy Breakfast Bacon Bites

Do you ever see a pin on Pinterest and think...YUMMY. Then it nags at you for days because you know you have the ingredients in your fridge and you just need to make the time to try it out. Well here's where this latest "inspired by pinterest" food pin....
The pin took me to a blog called Recipe by Photo (which all recipes should have great photos)...but sadly she took the photos off another site and doesn't really take the time to explain how to make these. So like any good blogger, I went on the hung for the original source. It was from a site called Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body (love the name, but mine would be swapped around to Skinny Girl Trapped in Fat Body). I have since updated the link to go to the correct blog (little pet peeve of mine).

Okay so off to cook I went....

Only issue I had is I couldn't figure out if she used a traditional size muffin tin or mini (pictures are sometimes not helpful with sizing). I wanted mine to be from a mini muffin tin. So I do what I often do, read the comments on the blog post. This is often times super helpful when recreating a recipe. I learned right away to parcook the bacon so it was crispier and cooked faster...great tip!

So here's how I modified the original recipe....

6 Eggs
Cheddar Cheese
Mini Muffin Tin

For the mini muffin tin you do not need to cook it as long as the original recipe. I cooked them for 20 minutes at 350, but could have probably took them out at 15 minutes (they were a bit over cooked). 
I pre-cooked the bacon on a plate in the microwave for about 4 minutes. It wasn't cooked all the way, but I think this would help a ton.
I filled each one with about a Tablespoon of mixed egg. Dropped in a little cheese, onion and mushroom in the bacon wrapped cups only.
This is what they look like right out of the oven. One thing I did with the non-bacon cups was sprayed them with cooking/oil spray and they popped right out. I would definitely spray even the bacon cups next time.


Tausha said...

Um Yumm! What do you think about using the precooked bacon that you just have to warm up in the microwave? Also-did you say how many your recipe made?

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