21 Years of Marriage - Still Hard Some Days

Today I have been married to my honey for 21 years... yep, TWENTY-ONE years. I remember thinking at two years of marriage that it felt like we'd been together lifetime and yet felt like only yesterday when we were married at the same time. 

But today, I tried to reflect on how I felt... but it just feels.... well....
              ..... part of my routine. I know, there's nothing magical to report. I don't hear love songs playing in the background and I don't feel comfortable posting about that we're anything less then average.

Do I feel like it's Happily Every After?
Nope... not really there yet (ask me in 20 more years). Do I feel like I'm more "in love with him today then I was yesterday?" Not really because he came home, yelled at a kid or two and then farted reminding me that the magic of marriage is LONG gone.

You would think with 21 years of marriage would mean that I am better at "being married," then say someone with only 10 years of marriage. But I highly doubt that is the case. I still feel like I fight for each day...try to find something good in it. Try not to get frustrated and not expect too much. Some days it feels like we're just roommates headed for the same goal but not always going about it together.

Do I think I'd be better off "not" married? NOPE, not for a second. I believe watching my kids, that having their dad here really does matter. Do I think having him here for me matters as well? Absolutely! He is definitely the ROCK in our family...sometimes a stubborn, immovable rock that spends more time watching TV then he should, but a rock still the same. Does this man I've been married to for 21 years have my back. 100% ....he would be the first one there to defend me, cheer for me and carry me if needed.

I just wanted to be real. I can honestly say I love him and I would miss him if he weren't here. Could we use some work on the marriage thing? For sure!! In fact, couldn't everyone from 1 year of marriage to 21. It does take a LOT of PATIENCE and even more compromise. But I cannot overlook the fact that LOVE is sandwiched in there somewhere.

But I am thankful that we've made it to 21 years together. My mom pointed out today that it's been longer then her two marriages put together, HA, HA. Anyway, here's to only getting better with practice.