Inspired by Pinterest: String Easter Eggs

Join me today as I teach you and (returning guest) Tausha Hoyt, host of Sassy Style Redesign how to create String Easter Eggs. You've seen them for years and all over Pinterest, but I will tell you the different ways to stiffen the string and tips I learned from creating eggs both large and small eggs and even ones filled with an candy surprise. Come get sticky hands with me today!

These String Easter Eggs are so much fun they're slightly addictive.
 I used the darling colors of Doodle Twine from my friends at Doodlebug Design.

Watch the episode to learn which works better to stiffen the string... mod podge, fabric stiffner or sugar water.
Even I giggle when I watch today's episode (we think we're super funny).

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Kelly O. said...

Lori, you look fab in todays video! love that top! this was a great video, my kids loved watching it and were ready to get crafting!

allreddesign said...

Thanks so much Kelly...I felt like there was a LOT of pink going on, but it was such a pretty top. It was a fun segment to film too!!

Mama Pooh said...

I have tried this several times with numerous liquid solutions and can't get it to work. How do you get the string to stay put? It always loosens up or just falls off regardless of the type of string I use, the liquid I use, or how loose or tight I wrap it. What is the secret? Even youtube makes it look easy. They're so beautiful and would love to make something like this, I just can't seem to get it to work.

allreddesign said...

I found that I liked the sugar solution the best. As for how to keep the strings so they stay put...the only real trick is to wrap in a variety of directions so one string holds down another...it takes a little practice. Just make sure it's tight enough to stay in place but no squish the balloon. Let it dry overnight. Best part of sugar solution is you can get it on your fingers and lick it off!!

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