IBP Leather Stamping - Stepping it UP!

If you loved learning about the GCD Studio's Melody Ross Chipart in last weeks Inspired by Pinterest episode then you will be completely hooked after seeing how to use them on LEATHER. In today's Leather Stamping - Stepping it UP episode, I hope to make stamping on leather hip and cool. Learn to stamp it, paint it, stain it and the same techniques work great on chipboard. Mixed media and crafty people will love learning how simple this can be.

It is most cost effective to purchase a leather hide from a local
leather shop like Tandy leather, then to purchase bracelets already cut.
This tool is called a leather "stripper" or "strip cutter". It is about $12 and
allows you to cut strips as small as a 1/2" up to about 4"
I made this one for a friend fighting breast cancer.

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For more card display ideas, visit my
Leather Stamping Techniques & Tools:

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Disclaimer: Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration but not all pins lead to blogs. I tried to only pick those ideas that I could find the original creator and give credit to. Please take a moment and check out these great blogs because without them I wouldn't have content to talk about on the new My Craft Channel show Inspired by Pinterest.  

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