Reclaim Yourself Women's Craft Retreat: Cabinet Door Project

I am so excited to be teaching at the upcoming Reclaim Yourself Women's Craft Retreat on June 5-8, 2014 in beautiful Heber, Utah. We'll be "reclaiming" ourselves with amazing food, projects, thrifting and relaxing at the Heber Retreat House. And I'm honored to be teaching a project that I love...

My Craft Channel is sponsoring the event and sending plenty of fun goodies for the attendees. They're also the main sponsor for my project. As the host of Inspired by Pinterest, I went back and looked for my most popular episodes to date and it was my "Repurposed Cabinet Doors" episode. It was just the "inspiration" I needed. This project has everything to do with "reclaiming" and I would be able to use many of my favorite techniques.

Everyone will have the opportunity to "reclaim" a cabinet door and make it fit their own personal style. These are only TWO examples of what can be done with the cabinet doors....

We'll be using a variety of door sizes. Everyone will get to pick a color that will work in their own home. And thanks to My Craft Channel we will have a variety of scrapbook papers to choose from to create your own artwork and buntings for your doors. All supplies will be available.

Just have to point out one of my favorite reclaimed pieces...I use "mouse traps" to create my own photo holders for this board....
I hope to work on a couple more samples so everyone can see how versatile this project can be. Join me if you're not already signed up to attend. I know the price is one of the most reasonable around and the women attending and putting on this retreat are AMAZING!!


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