Just My Type Boutique - Holiday

Hey my peeps...did you know I'm helping host and create for an upcoming group called Just My Type Boutiques. We have our first boutique this upcoming weekend and the following week. We'll be returning in the Spring and if all goes well, we hope to make this an annual thing.

It all started with me needing a place to use up my supplies and samples from shows I film for Inspired by Pinterest on My Craft Channel.

Be sure to like our new page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. And if you're in Utah, we'd love to have you come by and say HI!!

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  1. Hi, great video, as always! Thanks for all you do =). There is no pin source for the 2nd photo down but you mentioned on the video it is lisabella at typepad..but I can't seem to find it? Do you have a link. Thank you! Tricia


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