Printing 12x12" Layouts at Home

Years ago, when I started scrapbooking, the options to print 12x12 layouts or digital paper were very rare and expensive. The printers were so high end and expensive only a few people I knew in the scrapbook industry owned the printer that could do that.

Then digital scrapbooking became more and more popular, places like Costco, Sams Club and other printing services started offering a way to print those 12x12" layouts. But still the cost and convenience was not there. Many of my friends that loved the ability to create 12x12" layouts on their computers left them there, never printing them out. The only people enjoying them were those with access to your computer or online gallery.

Recently I've been posting photos I have printed off on my Canon PIXMA iP8720 craft printer and quite a few people have commented, emailed or messaged me asking me if the printer will print 12x12" printers. My reply "YES! and a little bit more."

This printers ability to print 13x19" glossy or matte prints is awesome and if you need a 12x12" layout printed then you can add a few 4x6" photos you also want printed and you'll have very little to no waste. Check it out....

I created a layout guide in Photoshop to show you how I layout my 12x12" layouts with three 4x6" photos.

I created my 12x12" digital layout with a beautiful template created by one of my favorite artistic peeps, Allison Kimball. Check out her blog for inspiration and if you'd like a link to this layout, click here.  Flatten your layout into a JPG and you're ready to layout on a 13x19" canvas.

Here's what the layout of the images look like next to the template guide (download here). You don't really need the guide but the visual is helpful to show what little waste you'll have.

Here it is printing. Did I mentioned I print directly from my phone too using the PIXMA app? I love this feature so much. It works anywhere in my home because it's wireless and I can print to whatever size paper is loaded into the printer. Snazy isn't it!!?

All done and cut apart. I know some people still quest the cost of printing at home, but it is negligible to having these printed elsewhere and the convenience is priceless. 

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