Inspired by Pinterest: Wax Paper Projects

Join me for Inspired by Pinterest as I share how versatile "wax paper" is as a crafting medium. This everyday cooking item can be used in a variety of ways and in today's episode I share some of my favorite pins.

Pin Referenced in Today's Episode
 For more card display ideas, visit my
Wax & Freezer Paper for Crafting Board

Join me next Thursday for another great IBP episode!

Disclaimer: Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration but not all pins lead to blogs. I tried to only pick those ideas that I could find the original creator and give credit to. Please take a moment and check out these great blogs because without them I wouldn't have content to talk about on  Inspired by Pinterest.  

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Mendi Yoshikawa said...

I don't know where you come up with these clever ideas, but I love it. You're chandelier is going to look amazing! You'll have to share the finished piece on Facebook. :)

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