Printing your Journaling on the Go

Every fall and spring I have the wonderful opportunity to go spend a few days up in Lake City, Utah on the shore of beautiful Bear Lake. And sometimes the weather cooperates with us and we get to play outside a bit.

Our group consists of some amazing ladies that we call "Ladies of the Lake" and there is A LOT of laughter, fun times and even matching hoodies. I look forward to these getaways so very much and thankfully they all love taking photos of our fun times.
If you know Bear Lake, October is typically not a good time of year to hang out up there. Some years it has been super cold and even snowed on us one year. But this year the weather was so warm and lovely. We decided to have our friend Kate from Art Affair to teach us how to paint a beautiful boat on the shore painting. 
We customized our paintings to look like Bear Lake and the gorgeous view we saw. I actually got a bit sunburned on one side, but painting outside was worth it.
But of course in the fall, when the sun went down the temperatures dropped and we moved our crafting and relaxing indoors.

Our group of ladies do a variety of crafts such crocheting, quilting, sewing, cardmaking and scrapbooking. I'm a scrapbooker through and through and these weekends are perfect to get a lot finished!! But this trip I really wanted to finish up the two albums I created of mine and my mom's trip to Italy. And like most of my projects the JOURNALING is the part I procrastinate.

So how do you print your journaling when you don't want to drag your computer and full size printer along with you? Me, I take my Canon SELPHY CP900  and my smart phone.

And since I LOVE the Rhonna Designs APP and the Canon PRINT App I was able to create some amazing journaling and print off on the spot. 

 In the Rhonna Designs App you can change the phones and even add some beautiful graphics to the image. Then save it as a photo and it's ready to PRINT.
Image of Rhonna App in Action!

You can design the layout to be landscape or portrait. And BONUS, I figured out how to connect my phone with the printer without having any WIFI (sadly our cabin isn't very modern). Instead of the wifi connection I simply switched it to Adhoc and it linked with my phone. I thought I'd need to use my hot spot to make it work, but I didn't and I was so stinking happy about this!

Another BONUS, now I am going to start using the Rhonna App to write up my journaling when I'm scrapbooking and design it to fit my project and then print it off using either my Canon PIXMA MG7720 or my favorite Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer. Just imagine, you can design your own journaling photos while you're waiting for carpool, sitting at your child's soccer game or while watching TV with your hubby!


Kim Edsen said...

I do not have a Canon Selphy as I don't have a desire to print photos at home, but THIS is something I can get behind...do you print the journaling onto photo papers or will the Selphy accept cardstock cut to size? Thank you for sharing - this is great idea!

The YOUNG ones said...

Can you give more step by step instructions, Im not to great with the app yet. Thanks ��������

Rhonda said...

Totally cool, thanks for the great idea!!

Janiemae said...

Yes, can you explain this step by step please. Now this makes me want to order the printer. Thanks

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