Drab to Fab: Quick Solutions with Photos

I love photos! I love photos printed out and sprinkled throughout my personal space! When I need an invitation or a poster, I almost always start with a photographs! I either incorporate them into the project or use them as background!

So when I was faced with a project and I had little to no time to pull out all my creative juices and supplies... I thought PHOTOS. What can I do with photographs? 
You see we had this bulletin board at church that we wanted to convey this year's theme but all we had on it was an enlarged scripture page I found HERE. But it was lack luster and needed some color. What we needed where pictures from the scriptures to create a fun border around the enlarged page. Best part is all the scripture pictures are all in one place HERE

I simply saved these to my camera roll on my cell phone and started printing them from my couch with the  Canon PRINT App and started printing on my  

Honestly the hardest part of this project was running up stairs to load the 5x7 paper into the printer and then guessing how many I would need to print. (By the way, I printed way more then I needed so I will use the left overs for a game in Primary in the future!)
As soon as I was done printing the pictures I ran over to the church and stapled them in place.  So when you're in a hurry and need a creative way to decorate something or create something unique... PRINT YOUR PHOTOS!!

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