Inspired by Pinterest: Emboss This!!

Join me for Inspired by Pinterest as I get crafty with my embossing machine and embossing folders and accessories. I'll shares pins of crafty ideas on embossing on paper, ribbon, with paint and many more. You'll get to see the results as they happen in this episode, so if you've ever wondered what you can do with your embossing machine then don't miss this episode. (GIVEAWAY has ended.)

Thanks to both Craftwell for the Teresa Collins' Cut'n Boss machine and folders and Close to My Heart for letting me feature their awesome diffuser, embossing folders and white core papers.

Pin Referenced in Today's Episode

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 For more card display ideas, visit my
Embossing Board

Join me next Thursday for another great IBP episode!

Disclaimer: Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration but not all pins lead to blogs. I tried to only pick those ideas that I could find the original creator and give credit to. Please take a moment and check out these great blogs because without them I wouldn't have content to talk about on the new My Craft Channel show Inspired by Pinterest.  


Holly S said…
It takes a post/demo from someone to make me stop and think...I never thought about embossing foil or napkins, etc.. Thank you! This is my first visit to your blog via IG. I see many more visits in my future!!
Aimée Dillon said…
Um first of all, BRILLIANT with the napkins! It never would have occurred to me to emboss napkins and now that seems so "duuuuuh" haha. I am excited to have found this blog and to follow you on pinterest! That's gonna be pinspirational!
Dana Joy said…
Okay this is the coolest tool on the market. So versatile.
Lynda Jeffs said…
Okay, but on my bucket list - to spend a day crafting with you ;)!!! What a GREAT idea - now on my list of supplies I have to have... I keep seeing all these embossing folders and the ideas...can I just say the moment I get one, my crafting will never be the same again! Hugs and thanks tons for the idea!
Mary Lou Nolt said…
I have a EBosser but would love to play with this cut n boss.
Cynthia Xavier said…
Wow, thanks for the video. I need one of these.
Haidee said…
I actually learned something . ... I always think I won't but HA! I did thank you for your time and effort in the future to show us crafty tips and tricks
Jen Rey said…
Oh my! This is awesome! I need one of these! Would be so much fun to create with this! Thanks for sharing! said…
Never crossed my mind to emboss napkins... Thanks!
Dorina D said…
Cool. Never thought to use mall. Wow!
I love these ideas!!! I'm sold!!!! Sign me up!!!
Oh how neat. So many amazing things you can do with these. Thanks for the chance.
Beverly Hardt said…
I so love to see all the great things that you emboss. Your tips are so helpful, Thanks for the chance
pattyk said…
great giveaway!! Love embossing
Alice G said…
I love the large format for embossing. You can also cut many more dies at one time with the large format. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome machine. I watch you every week on My Craft Channel. Have a great day and keep up the good work.
This would be an awesome product to include in my craft space! I've started getting into embossing a lot more now!
Linda T said…
What a great demo. I just LOVE the large embossing folders and the great ideas of embossing on foil, what a great idea and the napkins. Never thought of these ideas. Now this would definately be something I sure could use and would use alot. Just LOVE the machine!

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