Focus on the Primary Children Primary Printable

 I as thrilled when I was asked to come up with a handout for the teachers in Primary (similar to Sunday school for kids 3-11). And we all know how often our teachers feel forgotten in Primary. As a presidency we really wanted to convey to our teachers how important they are to us and to the children they teach. We love them and we could not do our callings and serve the children of our Ward if it were not for them showing up and sharing their time, efforts and light with all of us.

To create this simple handout, you will need the following:
White Cardstock or Linen Cover Stock
Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer
Small Brown Paper Treat Bags

So I took a wonderful quote that my missionary son shared with me when I was first called to the Primary Presidency and created this handout.

The rising generation must be taught the
Gospel in such a way that they will have it
written on their hearts.
We need the best and most converted
members with strong testimonies to teach 
these children so that they will be 
prepared for what is coming.
There are no demotions in this Kingdom.
The Primary Teacher
is just as important as the
We all have our stewardship.
Each of us must continue to be
steadfast and immovable in the Faith.
I know this is the way the Lord has
designed his Priesthood to operate.
I know that He loves each of us the exact same,
no matter where we serve.
He is the GOOD Shepherd.
Russell M. Nelson

Print out the PDF below. Trim them down with a paper trimmer and add the treat to the back by stapling the filled bag to the quote printable. 

To print on the bags check out my previous blog post about how to print on die cuts. The method is the same and I love how these turned out. Fill them with a sweet treat and staple to the printable.

Bonus...I create the printables to share so you can also print out and create your own sweet treat for your Primary teachers.


Brenda Smith said...

This is beautiful!! Thank you for all the hard work and for sharing!! I am going to use it for our teachers.

Brittany said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Teachers deserve all our appreciation.

Anna said...

This is terrific. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Anna said...

This is terrific. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Sweet T Verbena said...

Where does this quote come from? I can't find it on LDS.org. I just like to verify the source before I hand something out. It looks great though! Thanks!!

allreddesign said...

This was published on my son's mission blog and was written/shared by his Mission President Taggart. He attended the meeting in Salt Lake with Russell M. Nelson.

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