Utah Refugee Information Simplified

I have had the blessed opportunity to speak recently in Davis and Weber County to groups of amazing women (and men) that are looking for a way to help refugees, but get a little lost trying to sift through the different agencies and organizations here in Utah. Trust me, I spent many hours looking, applying and attending orientations to figure out where my talents fit best and how all of these amazing organizations work together to serve refugees.

Me helping at Granite School Districts Back to School Night Carnival for Refugees
I have loved speaking to groups of individuals who know little about the 60,000 refugees here in Utah. Sharing the information and inspiring them to ACT is something I'm passionate about. If you are interested in having me come and speak to your group of friends, neighbors, co-workers or church members please email me.

Below are a few handouts I've been sharing at these speaking engagements and thought they would be a great resource here online as well.
Download PDF
NORTHERN UTAH...what a great opportunity to meet with all the key organizations that work with Refugees and find out where and how they need help. This is a wonderful organization trying to do amazing things, support them by attending this Refugee Festival on September 24th in Kaysville!!
Download PDF
Download PDF
As I tell everyone when I speak, get online and follow the organizations you are interested in. A lot of times immediate needs to help refugees are posted with little notice. Here's a few pages I would follow AND make sure they're showing up first in your feed:

Serve Refugees (The Utah Refugee Center)

Also, download the Serve Refugee APP to learn more about Refugees and How to help them. This APP has received national attention for being a one of a kind app...a must have if you want to get involved!!

Download for Apple/iOS
Download for Android

And be sure to follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram too. I will post many great opportunities to get involved on my feeds as well. 

"You can't do everything for everyone but you can do something for someone!"

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