Simple Mother's Day Gift Printables from Positive Affirmations

Despite all of its joys, being a mother is no easy task. Moms receive no sick days or vacation days, and they're on call 24/7. Yet as hard as they work, mothers are often still bombarded with messages that they're not doing enough.
This simply isn't true! That's why Personal Creations has
created an illustrated collection of Positive Affirmations for Moms this Mother's Day. Easy to print, they can be assembled into a tear-away booklet for Mom's desk or nightstand--because she should know how appreciated she is every day. Not just on Mothers Day!
 I love how these turned out after I printed them on my Canon PIXMA MG7720 Wireless Printer. I was thinking I'd incorporated some of these fun printables into magnets and actual cards to give out to all the amazing women in my life!!


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