Scrapbook Clearance Sale

After working for a little over 10 years in the Scrapbook Industry I've collected A LOT of product from a wide variety of companies. Much of the product I was carefully storing for that day when I'd have the perfect scrapbook studio and could pull out my years of collecting and use it. But now that I'm not working full-time I've decided it would be best to sell as much of the product I have and pay for that darn room in the basement, gas and groceries. So a few of my friends suggest I have a scrapbook sale, then my mother suggested I have a yard sale. Now I'm doing both. But my friend and family are all invited to come to a "preview" sale the night before the yard sale. 
Friday May 16th 4:00-7:00pm
Saturday May 17th 8:00am-12:00pm
Please come and be prepared for some great deals!! I have tons of product still in original packages and a lot of open stock and it will all be sold at prices to move this product!! Can't wait to see you there! Please, please tell your friends and family to come too!

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