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My mom had a full knee replacement about 3 weeks ago and was recovering fabulously. She was off her pain meds and walking with a bit of a hobble, but without crutches. But then a week ago she woke up and could not put her weight on her "good" knee at all and was in unbearable pain. So after trying to figure out what to do with the help of my 86 year old grandmother...they called 911. Come to find out after a day in the ER and another emergency surgery, she had a staff infection in her good leg that they had to drained. She ended up in the hospital for three more days and now is on IV antibiotics for the next 4 weeks. 

Anyway, this is the long way to my story...my mom was feeling a little blue after getting out of the hospital so I made these "pick-me-up" cards for her. And NO she doesn't read my blog. I've loved the photo of my nephew since I took it and couldn't resist making him into a card...by the way, he's not saying "rock-on" or "I love you" he's doing the SPIDERMAN fling your spiderweb action...with a grin!

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