Death of A Christmas Tree

I just realized I haven't posted a darn thing on here since just before Christmas. I think I tapped out all my creativity during the holidays that I just didn't know what to post. And NO, I haven't put away my decorations either. I did however, tear apart our fake Christmas tree and start shoving the branches into a garbage sack...but what really caught my families attention is when I pulled out my utilities scissors and started cutting all the lights apart so I could just throw them away too. You ask yourself, "why throw away my tree?" Well, I bought it one year after Christmas on clearance at KMart of all places and it's probably over 10 years old....but an old tree is not "why" I threw it out...I threw it out because my husband (love him) didn't want to bother helping tear it down and put it away last year, so he wrapped the entire tree with plastic wrap (the kind you use when shipping pallets). Then he proceeded to "shove" it down in my basement...scratched up the walls too. Forgot all about that this year...that was until we pulled it out this year, unwrapped it and learned that shoving a tree down the stairs does not make for a "whole" tree when you get it out. All sorts of branches were broken and I had to twist and tie them together to get the tree to look remotely healthy...at least as healthy as a fake tree can be. I probably should have ran out an bought one of those cool 3-piece trees with built in lighting after Christmas, but ran out of money. Maybe next year we'll buy a LIVE tree...my kids don't know what those are!!

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