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Some of my good friends have been asking me what movies I saw over the holidays and rather then email each of them, I figured I'd post them on here. So if you're not a movie lover like me, just stop reading now.

Bedtime Stories: This was my kids  pick and Kirk opted to stay home. It was a cute family show for sure, little ones on up. Typically Adam Sadler is a hit or miss for me. Sometimes I really  like his movies and other times I think his movies are a bit naughty (like Click). This one was very clean...probably because it was a Disney movie. But it was fun for all and worth the price of the ticket. 

Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Warning it's a very long show...almost 3 hours and you feel it. I enjoyed it, but my friend didn't really...however we did go see it at the late show and getting out at 1:00 am would make it hard to love anything much. You leave with a weird feeling about the show...you don't hate it that much, but you don't love it either. Then someone mentioned that it was produced or written by the same person who did Forrest Gump...and that was it!! I did enjoy seeing Brad Pitt without his shirt though..the middle-aged version of hi
m at least. 

Seven Pounds: This movie was a risk for me, but my boss 
recommended it and so I thought I'd give it a try. I say it was a risk because I knew NOTHING about it and  it was produced by the same people that did Pursuit of Happyness...which I didn't care much for (liked the ending). But I have to say this TOPS all the movies I saw over the holidays. It was a great story, really made you think and of course it was a good cry too. It totally left me THINKING a ton afterwards. I can't say any more then that or it will give it away and ruin it for you when you see it. NOT a kid show though. 

Marley & Me: This movies is one I snuck away to see with my daughter and I was a little bummed afterwards that we didn't pick a movie with a "happily-ever-after" ending. I'm sure the book was much better. However, my daughter did point out that any move that is made about a DOG generally means I'll end up crying...my mom always referred to them as D#$@ Lassie Movies. And you will cry...a LOT. The previews make it look like it's going to be 90 minutes of funny stuff, but that's not true. The funny parts were there for sure, but it left me very sad. Didn't help that my mom's dog of 14 years had to be put to sleep last week! I really liked the parts of the movie were it reflected the main characters (Owen Wilson) thoughts about his view of the world. 

That's it people...go see a movie!! 

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