Mother of the Year I am Not

So I have been very excited that we finished up our 5th Science Fair Project this week here at our home. It's our last year in elementary and hopefully the last year we'll be required to do science fair. And the project won 2nd place which is better then 1st...if you win 1st you just have to do it all over again with more kids from other schools....so it's sort of like winning, right?

But then to top that all off, I know I have to pick up my child early today, especially since she'll have her science fair board and her violin to bring home. No problem huh? Well I FORGOT to go get my child from school...oops!! She waiting 15 minutes and finally went back in to the school to call me. By the time I got there she was the ONLY kid waiting. Yes, it could have been worse, it have been bad weather, they could have locked her out of the school...etc. The point is that two kids into this mother process I shouldn't be forgetting about my kid. Oh well...better luck next year!

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