Project 365...NOT!

How many of you have seen the big push on many websites for Project 365 where they are challenging you to take one photo a day for the entire year? Then on top of that people are being encourage to scrapbook those photos rather then just keep them in a gallery floating around in cyberspace. 

Love the idea, but the immediate guilt I felt when I first learned about this was TOO MUCH for me to cope with. By the time I read about it I'd miss the first 4 or 5 days in January and my OCD makes it so I will never do this project if 4 days are already missing. But I still really wanted to do something like my friend Jenn posted on her blog

So I came up with my own version of this challenge and I'm calling it "Project 52". I figured I'd make a scrapbook page for each WEEK, then if I missed a day or two I wouldn't quit doing the challenge. Much less guilt associated with a lower number too! And here's a tip, if you didn't take any pictures the first week of January and you're wanting to do this...go find some things on your friends blogs or news websites and post about other people, world events, new year's resolutions or pop culture. 

So join me in doing Project 52...feel free to grab my banner too to promote on your own blog or website. Help spread the word!! 
The beautiful designs on my Project Logo are by The Ettes & Company and created in the My Memories Suite software...along with my weekly scrapbook layouts I'll be posting here too!

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