My Fascination with Facebook

So some of you may know about Facebook and some of you may not. I have to tell you, it was a mystery to me at first but I'm loving it now. I have met up with friends that I haven't seen in years and loving it. Sometimes it sucks up my life, but I'm trying to cut back. If I can give up Dr. Pepper cold turkey then I think I can cut back on Facebook...we'll see! Anyway, some of my friends and family have asked me to explain the Facebook thing to them and I figured my friends at Common Craft could show you better. This very short video clip will help and it's funny too.  And if you end up on Facebook, take a minute and look me up...I can always use another friend on there!!

If you want to learn about RSS feeds, Wikis, Twitter, etc...the Common Craft website rocks and so do the videos. 


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