My Project 52 - weeks 3 and 4

Just a reminder to all who may have forgotten...I decided that the popular Project 365 was too much pressure and so I created my own challenge...I call it Project 52. 52 weeks didn't seem as hard as 365 days did. And yes I'm scrapbooking each week when they're done (or a week later). But I'm using the My Memories Suite by Polaroid program I got for Christmas. It's quick and easy and I love that it keeps it in an ongoing album. Then when I'm done with the entire year, I'm going to have it bound into a 12x12 hardbound book...I can't wait. 

Design Note: The darling designs I used on these two layouts were created by The Ettes & Company designers (Faye & Annette). If you are a Photoshop guru then you can pic up their digi stuff there too.

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