Hide the Food Coloring!

So most of you know that I like to stay up late when the house is quiet and work. Well, it was moments away from my pending birthday (almost midnight) and I wondered up to the kitchen to get me a drink of milk. I poured me a cup and thought for a brief moment that the milk seemed a little off color, but then I chalked it up to my tired eyes and maybe a reflection off something in my kitchen. 

BUT, then I open the fridge to place the milk carton in the fridge and stopped, trying to process why the other (unopened) gallon of milk looked even stranger. I seriously thought at that point that my mind was playing tricks...OR WORSE, I was getting old and seeing things. It took me a few minutes to realize that the quiet moments this evening when my 13 year old son was up in the kitchen...that he was up to no good. We found evidence of burnt candles and other small plastic things earlier that evening. What I didn't realize until that moment, was that when my daughter had made me a cake for my birthday she had left the food coloring out on the counter. Finally after my brain process this and the PINK and GREEN milk cartons in my fridge I realized that my son had colored the milk. But I was really worried this had something to do with me getting older!! 

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marshy28@aol.com said...

funny don't forget we are all getting older we are just hipper now. te he!

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