Finished!! Photobook is Ordered!

For those of your following my Facebook or Twitter then you've heard me complaining about working on Kirk's 40th Birthday gift...a photobook about him. His mom and sisters sent letters, stories and GREAT photographs to include. I then dug through some albums Kirk has hidden away in boxes or in the closet and started scanning in pictures. 

Well, I finally finished it and boy am I glad. Now I'm crossing my fingers that the book which I ordered in 12x12 will arrive in time for his birthday. So for kicks and giggles I created a iPod slideshow to post here (ignore the black bars on the sides).  I'll post a pic of the final book when I get it!! 

Description: 33 Page Album created in My Memories Suite 
 with Celebrate Life template. Placing the photos was the easy part for sure. It was gathering the journalling and getting it all where I wanted and were it would work too longer. But I thought this template worked great for a guy. 


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