Photo Background Idea

I was working on Kirk's 40th Birthday Photobook and a friend told me about this very cool feature I can do in the My Memories Suite
software. Read below for the details...
Directions: Starting from scratch in My Memories Suite you simply need to go to the "Backgrounds" option on the right hand Control Panel. From there select "Custom" (file folder) and select a photograph from your computer and voila your picture becomes your background. Note: It will automatically center the photo, so if you don't want it to you'll need to crop it outside of the program. I then scaled the opacity back to 40% and added text and a small photo by the poem. I like how it turned out!! 


Lizzie said…
I love it! It's so sweet. :)
Fayette said…
Awwwww...that's so sweet. Thanks for sharing the idea. I'm gonna use it someday ;)

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