My Project 52: Weeks 7 and 8

Just finished up two more layouts for my Project 52...a layout for each week of the year. Yes, it's a spin off from Project 365, just not as much pressure. I had a fun couple of weeks and can't wait to see this printed off 12x12 when my year is over. 

Description: Celebrate Papers/Embellishments by Miriam Lima; Built in My Memories Suite. Note: If you don't want your journaling blog to have too much contrast, try adjusted the opacity of the shape or embellishment and it will give the appearance of vellum. 

Description: Soar Papers/Embellishments by Traci Murphy; Built in My Memories Suite software. Love, love, love this collection...perfect for my topic!! 

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  1. I'm considering purchasing the My Memories Suite software not so much for scrapbooking but for creating photo invitations and cards. Would you recommend this software for this purpose or is there another one on the market that would be better?


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