PageMaps for Inspiration

Sometimes I just need a little inspiration and find looking at completed scrapbook layouts a challenge because I either love or hate the products used, theme of the layout or even the pictures are distracting. So I often times prefer to look at "sketches" and wanted to share one of my favorite website resources with you, it's called Page Maps by Becky Fleck
Every month they post new maps/sketches for all sorts of things (12x12, half pages, tags, cards, round, landscape 8.5x11, mini maps and more). It's a great resource when you need a little bit of an idea. So I took one of the Page Maps posted for March and created this fun layout below. The pictures are super old ones that I had to scan in so they're not wonderful, but they are of a wonderful memory that I wanted to keep. And I created the entire layout in My Memories Suite. Read below the layout for tips & tricks on the layout.
Description: The designs I used for this were all from Ettes & Company. I used some items from the Feelin' Happy Collection and the background paper and bracket paper were both from their Blue Skies Collection. The fonts I used were both from Lettering Delights (LD Imagine That-text & LD Antique-title). 

Design Tip: I have to share how I create the bubbles to the upper right of the main photograph in My Memories Suite. They are circles I created using the "Shapes" from the Control Panel. I created them the size I wanted and placed them on the layout and then Opacity to about 50%. There are a couple bubbles I wanted to give a little more depth to so I copy and pasted those two circles and changed the background circle to a light blue with a low Opacity too. I liked how subtle these turned out and how applicable to the layout. 


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