Pick my Christmas Cards!!

You're probably wondering why in the world I'd be blogging about making Christmas cards and it's only July. Well, I saw a banner in front of business today that said, "Celebrate Christmas in July"...and guess what, that means we should be celebrating this weekend (Sunday to be exact). So the next thing I know I'm checking out the super cute card designs on the Life in Photos website (sister site to Scrapbooks, ETC). I know a lot of you that have watched me make "hand-made" cards (up around 60) each year and spend weeks making them are wondering why I'm going this route. Well, I can have a custom card printed for as little as $1.55 each and I will of course add my extra touch, a flower, a rhinestone, a brad...and they'll be done and sent before most of you even start to make yours. (Hint, I'd highly recommend cutting back the stress and save some time and money...check out more cute cards here!)

But after an hour or two of playing around creating cards with my family's photo in them I just couldn't decide which ones I liked better. So I need your help in picking which card design you like best! Leave a comment and tell me what you think? I included the card designs without my family's photo in them since I need to get new family photos taken (last ones were in 2005) and thought I'd like to the card's web page if you want to get more info. What do you get if you vote? I'll for sure add you to my Christmas card mailing list (wink)!!