Sparkling Candy Corn COOKIES!

Now I'm not a big fan of sugar cookies...but occasionally some catch my fancy. These are on my list of MUST MAKE...and mainly because I'm a huge candy corn fan! Check out the LandOLakes website for a step by step (with photos) explanation of how to make these very SWEET cookies.

Land O Lakes Ingredient List (keep in mind these must be good if they're made with BUTTER)!


Corsage T-Shirts...love them!

Ever since I saw Elizabeth Kartchner on Studio 5 about a week ago. She showed everyone how to create their own Corsage T-shirts. When I saw these type of tees at J-crew I thought they were so cute, but not $25-40.00 cute! But how fun would they be to make!!??

I found this Wardrobe Refashion blog entry, loved how she created this darling tee from a clearance Old Navy shirt and circles!

For a great tutorial, check out Enchantresses 3 blog. They walk you through step-by-step and hopefully make it a fun and easy project!


Too Cute to Spook CANDYBAR Wrappers

Still loving all the cute things I find around the web for Halloween, but this one topped my list. I can't wait to make these darling candy bar wrappers. I found the idea on Skip to My Lou website, be sure to check it out because she gives you the pattern for the bat and his wings open up. Too cute!!


Spooky Home Made Chandelier

I found this super cute Halloween decor on one of my favorite craft site, Crafty Chicks. She found this great site (Yoko Chapman) that offered free do it yourself templates. It's a wedding site, but how cool to turn it into a halloween decoration!


Halloween Treat Cone

Still looking for creative ideas for all those Halloween Treats? I created this fun "candy cone" from Imaginisce's new Spooky Town papers.

This project is super easy, I don't even need to show you step-by-step pictures, but here's the instructions:

1. Starting with a 12" x 12" piece of Spooky Town paper (Trick or Treat #001761 shown here). Start rolling paper into a cone shape (large opening will not be straight...it's okay).
2. I found stapling cone in place at the top worked best, but then hot gluing the rest of the paper along the seam works best.
3. Trim top edge of paper even.
4. With decorative scissors (large zig zag shown), trim along the end of a 4" x 12" strip of coordinating paper (backside of Bestitched #001766 shown here). Hot glue this about 1/2" from top of cone.
5. You may need to trim off a little more of the top edge to opening of cone.
6. Hot glue feather boa or other embellishment along top edge (pom-poms would look super cute).
7. With hole punch, punch on opposite sides of cone and string with ribbon to create handle.
8. Add tag (optional) and fill with lots of yummy treats!!


Book Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games, #1) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was a fun read and one that you couldn't put down, so I breezed through it. I loved the main character and that she was not a whimpy girl relying on others to save her. But I also loved that it didn't come across like a "girly" book. I think my son or my husband would enjoy this book.

When my friend first recommended it I was worried the story was a repeat of some bad movie I'd already seen, but it was not the case. I loved the story as a whole, but I'm thankful I don't live in that world. And my kid's and their friends are always asking me to recommend books and this is a great one for 12+ years old, but enjoyable enough for adults as well.

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My Latest Obsession: Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers of all kinds...I can't get enough then. And I don't want to buy them...I want to know how to make them. Then for days all I can think of is making them. I can't explain it...seriously I can't get the obsessive feelings to go away until I actually make them!!

One thing I've noticed are YO-YO flowers are back in "style" and I've seen them in magazines, clothing stores and all over the web!

On Heather Bailey's blog she had this darling flower...I love the yoyo, mixed with the felt. Must try this out!!

Here's a fun tutorial on Studio 5 that not only shows you how to make fun "rolled fabric flowers" but it also shows you the fun necklaces people are wearing made from fabric yo-yos!!

This fun necklace was on Anthropology's website...can we say YO-YO??

I love, love, love it when people combine all sorts of flowers to make hair pieces and necklaces. Check these out...

Cute ideas on this gal's ETSY shop...warning her stuff is so cute, I am not responsible for purchases you might make!!These are made by a gal in Logan and she sells them in her ETSY shop...

Now I thought I'd toss in some online tutorials if you are feeling the obsession to make fabric flowers like me as well.

Frayed Flower Tutorial:

Fabric Flower Tutorial:

This gal created an awesome PDF instructions of how to make these gorgeous flowers.
Okay enough blogging...now to go make my flowers. I'll post some of my creations soon!!

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