Favorite Finds for the 8th Week of 2010

If anything, you at least know what week we're on for 2010 by visiting me blog each week...ha, ha! I've really enjoyed doing this each week and hope that unlike me Project 365, that soon became Project 52 and then Project 12...that I stick with it throughout the year. I'm always online checking out crafty people that I should at least pass along the great things I find. And to prove that I actually have people reading my blog, I decided to offer a give away on todays post and everyone IS ELIGIBLE!

Soddered Charms
Saturday I went shopping with my mom to a darling little place in Salt Lake called Gardner Village. But what struck me was the fact that almost every shop sold these soddered charms in one form or another. They ranged in price from $20-50 (which I as a crafter I think is too much). Of course my daughter loved the New Moon inspired charms. Here's a cute shop on Etsythat has more reasonably priced charms! Just FYI...I'm going to learn how to make my own (I'm sure it will save me money...ha, ha).

Ideal Laundry Room
I love this closet idea posted on the Idea Door's blog. What a great way to sort before and after and then shut the door when needed. Oh how I wish!

Knitting: Headband Ear Warmer
I think these very hip headbands are cute, but even cuter if you made your own. But my daughter informed me these weren't cool to here because everyone at the Jr. High is wearing them...so since I don't need the free pattern, I thought I'd share it with you all.

Paper Fortune Cookie Tutorial
How cute are these little gems? And even better, they're not fattening and you can have as many as you want. I thought these would cute to make for just about any occasion. And you're in luck the Hambly Screen Prints blog has a great step by step instructions and video tutorial on how to make these.

Hair Bow Holder
Becca created this beautiful frame to hold her daughter's hair clips and bows...go to her blog to check out how cute "chicken wire" can be!! Do you think I could make this work for jewelry??

Tissue Paper Flowers & Balls
We went to a cute home decor shop at Gardner Village this weekend and my daughter asked me how do they make those. So I went a searching and found this fun tutorial on how to maek a variety of tissue paper flowers and covered styrofoam balls. Check it out on this blog!

7 Gypsies Border Punch Kit
This easy to use Border Punch Kit is great for making mini albums and adding that extra "punch" to your projects. This really cool kit has interchangeable hole punches so you have just what you need. Whether you are a huge gypsy fan or not, you will agree that this is a must have item for all of your projects. The punches are perfect for wires or rings. Super easy to use, try it out on a piece of scratch paper first for best results. By the way, I purchased this for 50% of retail off Scrapbook Steals...they're sold out, but be sure to subscribe to their site so you don't miss future great deasl on there!!

Poppyseed Temple Picture Class
My cute neighbor organized this fun Temple picture class. The finished sized is 26" x 32" and it's only $50...the catch is I have to paint it and put it together...but hey, the one I wanted at Deseret Book as over $200. Email me if you're local and want to join me to make your own Temple picture.
Now the Giveaway
Yes, I know...enough with the favorite finds you want to know what you could win for LEAVING A COMMENT on my blog. I made a bunch of these small notepads with the new To Love & Cherish Collection (not in stores yet) and I'm willing to part with a couple (ribbon color may vary). In addition, I got a little carried away shopping this weekend and purchased the cutest beaded KEYCHAINS...I only need one, so you get the other one (sorry no picture). I'll award the notepads and key chain to someone on next week's favorite finds posting (check back)!!