One of my Favorite Projects

A friend of mine asked me the other day what my favorite project was that I'd ever created and although there have been many, there is one that I still go back to years later and love! she asked me to post it, so the rest of you get the benefit of seeing this too. It's a mini album that I created with a 4x6" board book album that tells all about my daughter turning 8 years old.

So it's been about 5 years since I created this...and I don't want to redo it (good sign for a scrapbooker). What was your favorite thing you ever scrapbooked???


Melinda Spinks said…
Lori, that mini album is just perfect! It makes me really wish I'd started scrapbooking years ago because my daughter is 10 and I would have loved to have done something similar for each year of her life. Ho hum...
I don't have an all time favourite project because each time I do a new one... it suddenly becomes my new favourite (LOL).
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful memory.
HeatherC said…
Lori that album is just precious. What a keepsake. I think one of my favorite projects is a layout with all three kids on it. I need to dig it up and post it on my blog.

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