Favorite Finds for the 15th Week of 2010

Mother's Day Idea: Etched Glass
The Idea Door Blog had this great Mother's Day idea on their blog...to etch glass. A vase, a cake pan or a plate...how great! I love personalized gifts and wouldn't any mom love something you make her?? Check out how easy it is on the Idea Door blog.

Dream Kids Room
HGTV did it again...I absolutely loved this room and was thinking I should talk my hubby into remodeling our bedroom to be like this...I get the top bunk though!! Check out more pictures on HGTVs website.

Zipper Flip Flops
Now these are original and creative, don't you think? Flip flops at the craft store are going to run you $1.99-2.99 at the most, the zipper a couple more dollars...and the end result, priceless. If you'd like to see how easy these are to make, check out this step-by-step flip flop tutorial.

Cupcake Liner Carnations
What a fun way to create flowers, especially for gift wrapping!! Martha Stewart will tell you how to create these fun cupcake liner flowers.

Silhouettes for Mother's Day
When I was about 7 years old my family went to Disneyland. I remembered one of the souvenirs my mom wanted for herself were our silhouettes. There was a little shop that they would "hand-cut" our head shapes out and frame them. I have no idea what she did with those, but I was so excited to see this tutorial online. But no hand-cutting here, it's all done on the computer. How fun would it be to have these of your children as they are growing up...even if you put them in a scrapbook. Be sure to check out the great tutorial posted at Crafty Chicks blog.
Awesome Crafting Table
I'm continually amazed at how small this world is...and a couple of weeks ago proved it. I was visiting a great neighbor of mine and I mention that I've worked in the scrapbook industry for these past 13 years. He was shocked and excited because the company he's working for has created this amazing craft table and is hoping to start marketing it soon. Here's a sneak peek of the first prototype table and with luck I'll be able to share more in the near future!!
Felt Rosettes
This post is for Amy...I thought you'd love those fun spiral roses made from FELT!! Found this one on the Mrs. Priss blog too.

Floral Ring Tutorial
I've made these before as hair clips and scrapbook layout embellishments, but never for jewelry...aren't they the cutest little things. And because I love step-by-step tutorials I couldn't resist sharing this post from Mrs. Priss blog.
I think part of the reason I add etsy shop finds to my blog is so I remember where I need to go back to and BUY from when I have money!! Loved this gals necklaces and how she packages her product...a definite must order from shop for me.

Recycled T-Shirt Bags
In honor of Earth Day, I found this cute idea on the Martha Stewart website on turning old t-shirts into bags. There is a video tutorial available, but you have to suffer through about ? minutes of Martha teaching you about gourds (fast forward to about 5 minutes into the tutorial to get to the t-shirt portion).


HeatherC said...

Seriously, where do you find these things. I have been itching to do the glass etching. I am pretty versed with the Cricut Vinyl so I think I could do this easily. I really need to just do it. Thanks for the awesome finds Lori.

Queen Mary said...

Loved the etched glass vase! My bestfriend had them at her son's wedding. Now we can make 'em! The necklace flowers and the cupcake liner flowers are cool, too!

Kat said...

Thank you so much for the kind words!

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