Favorite Finds for the 17th Week of 2010

I found some great things to share with you this week and I'm even thrilled that the post will hit before the weekend!! I had to get my butt in gear so I could run away from home to a 24 hour scrapbook retreat...very excited about that. And just a quick warning, I was in a bit of a chatty mood with this post. Enjoy!

Playroom Storage on Steroids
This chick is my IDOL. I have always felt quite capable of mastering the art of carpentry. I've dabbled a little in it with the help of my best friend and we're proud to say that we own more power tools then our husbands...but when I saw this storage room wall I flipped!! How amazing is this?? Sandra has this fun blog called Sawdust and Paper Scraps (love the name). She actually shows us how she created this amazing storage wall (ignore the part about it taking 5 weeks) and I think she ROCKS! I of course plan on putting these new found directions to the test in my craft room...no toy storage needed for me (well scrapbook toys are okay). And please don't forget to leave a comment on her blog if you like this as much as I do!
Easy Mother's Day Tulle Necklace
This is a super easy project if you need a quick idea for Mother's Day...I'm hoping to convince my daughter to make one for me and her grandmother's to wear to church Sunday. Over at Bird Crafts she shows you how simple this really is!

Plantable Seeded Paper Flowers

I've shown everyone how to make these simple spiral paper flowers, but I LOVED the idea to make these into "seeded" paper flowers. Over on the How Does She? website she shows you how to apply seeds to the paper so when they I really like that she made these from brown paper bags and she shows you an example made from a paper towel. What a cute mother's day gift idea!
Too Cute Tutu Tutorial (say that six times)
I see these darling little tutu's at all the boutiques and know that they can't be that hard to make. I really don't have any reason to make one, but I thought I'd share with my friends out there that have cute little girls (or dogs) that might need a tutu in their future.
Lovely Little Website
I don't remember how I came upon this lovely little bridal website for a store in New York, but I just loved how they designed the site. And for some reason I found myself shopping through the wedding dresses....nothing like I see at the weddings around here in Utah. Funny too considering I haven't worn a wedding dress for over 18 years and don't plan on wearing one anytime soon (or ever)...and my daughter is only 13 so no hurry there either. Oh, if you want to see some lovely bridal photos then be sure to check out their blog!
Twilight Scrappers
I loved this posted that offered up a tutorial on using the Yudu machine from Provo Craft to make your own "glitter" shirts. But even better then the tutorial was the actual project...Twilight inspired! Inside the heart it reads, "Edward Will You Scrap With Me". Personally I would rather have Edward breathe on my neck or give me a ride through the mountains...scrapbooking with him never actually crossed my mind. Check out the tutorial.

Bakerella's Pudding Cups
I have to admit these didn't excite me too much when I imagined filling them with "pudding", but then I started thinking about filling them with ice cream or even fresh fruit...then I thought these "chocolate bowls" were a delightful idea. If you've never snooped around Bakerella's website, you should...but don't do it when you're hungry!!

Mother's Day Message
"My New Life Video tells about Stephanie Nielson, survivor of a near-fatal plane crash. She shares her story of a beautiful life centered on faith in Jesus Christ and love of family. She is also very well known for her blog, NieNie. But on a personal note, I watched this video on my bosses computer while sitting at my desk, as we watched quietly my eyes filled with tears at how Stephanie explained her physical and emotional challenges each day and how she viewed her body, but most importantly her view of motherhood. What an amazing example of faith and perseverance she is to her children and I could only hope that I could even be a portion of that to my own children. Happy Mother's Day to all the women who continue to be daily examples to me of mothers!

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Queen Mary said...

I Love the storage wall! I have one but mine is full of TOYS! UUUGGGHHH! I want a scrapbooking and craft wall with little paper shelves! Have a wonderful Mother's Day as wonderful as you are!

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