I think I need a Journal Jar for my Blog

I've grown up a huge fan of writing in journals. However, since I learned that typing was much faster then writing, I tend to write in my journals much less then I did growing up. My years of journal writing began when my parents presented me and my little brother with our first journals during a family home evening lesson on keeping a journal.

Every person should keep a journal and every person can keep a journal. 
—President Spencer W. Kimball

However, I still find that the act of writing is very therapeutic and a great way to stay awake in church on Sundays (wink). I have had journals of all shapes and sizes but I love the ones that are about the size of a half sheet of paper and have a place to hold my favorite pens. I have found spiral journals are the easiest to write in so you can write on the fronts and backs of the pages, however I don't find those are the CUTEST and let's face it...who can write in a ugly journal?? These are a picture of some old journals I kept when I was in Jr. High and High School. The red one shown above is my current journal (love this one)!

I read in a manual recently the following, "...throughout our lives we have feelings and experiences that can keep our testimonies strong and give us courage in difficult times. But in order to remember them, we need to record them. Otherwise, these feelings will fade in our memories, and we may eventually forget them completely. A journal is a place to record experiences, thoughts, feelings, and events as they occur in our lives."

So I'm curious does blogging count as journalling?
Obviously it is a place that many of us record the events of our lives and also a place many like to share their thoughts and feelings. Would my posterity know me better by reading my journal or my blog? There are more pictures on my blog then my journal...but then again I also scrapbook too. One thing I CAN write in a journal that I don't write about so easily on my blog are the feelings I have that if shared might hurt someone's feelings...you know like family, neighbors, co-workers or friends. Those I nicely tuck away in my journals and hope no one EVER reads them.

So earlier today I found this lovely Journal Jar post on Make and Takes from my very talented friends at Little Birdie Secrets with a journal jar. I've also made and used many of these over the years, but found they didn't work so much for me when it came to journaling.

But hey, I was thinking why not use the same idea for my blog. Sometimes I feel the need to write, but I'm not sure what to write about...or I have a hundred things on my mental list of things to write about when I'm not in front of my computer. But by the time I arrive at my computer I have forgotten them all.

So I think I'll create my own "blogging journal jar"...what do you say? I'd even love the concept for my crafty projects...sometimes I want to be crafty but not sure which of my hundred projects to start on...good idea I think!!
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Big Mama Cass said...

Awesome idea! I love it. I should do the same!

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