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The Zoo Crew Digi Kit
The very creative Fayette Terlouw's from Ettes & Company created yet another DARLING collection now available in their online shop. How she has time to create so many great designs?? In fact, I think her son is leaving on his mission next week...so support the girl and go buy lots of her cute kits!! When I get something created with this digi kit I will post it here. 

Wildly Cherry M&M's
I haven't had time to cook up anything new in the food/recipe department...but I didn't want to leave you food-less on this post. That is why I'm featuring these yummy little chocolate sweets. They're the limited time Wildly Cherry M&Ms. I have to say, being a huge Dr. Pepper fan instantly made these taste a bit familiar and second, loved the RED package. Give them a try if you see them around...they're only here for a short time (sort of like the long lost carmel M&Ms...miss those!)

Vintage Pearl Necklace
I was so excited when I received this beautiful necklace from attending the Casual Bloggers Conference (first 100 people to register received one). First I was super excited because it is stamped with "Live, Laugh, Blog." And second because it's a "Vintage Pearl Necklace". I've often visited the website for them and wished that I had one of her necklaces. What stopped me from buying? I can never decide which one, especially if I want a custom necklace!!

The Vintage Pearl began in 2007 as a creative outlet for the owners while staying home to raise their kids. It quickly blossomed into a business and continues to grow! Vintage Pearl uses only the finest materials in their hand stamped jewelry, every piece is entirely made of sterling silver, from the chains to the jump rings. Be sure to check out their beautiful work. I've received TONS of compliments wearing this I will have to go buy me another! 

Bloomers Trim by Webster's Pages
2Peas just announced the arrival of these lovely Webster's Pages "Bloomers" trims in their online shop. As you may recall I posted a card I made with the yummy trims from American Crafts' Dear Lizzy just like these. I actually posted on Liz Kartchner's wall on facebook that my wish was that they make her yummy peach trim in a bunch of other colors. Regretfully (and thankfully) Webster's Pages beat her to it. YUMMM!! 

Metal Straws
Thanks to my son and his teenage friend I discovered these very cool new metal straws. Why is this cool? Because never have I enjoyed cool refreshment of an ice cold beverage coming from the end of a straw like I do with these....it's ingenious! However, we did try to figure out why there's an age restriction of 12+ years on them...if you have an idea, let me know. Oh we've spotted these at 7-elevens and Maverick gas stations. 

Sweet Boy Layout by Melinda Spinks
My very talented friend Melinda from Australia won a layout contest on Two Peas in a Bucket this week from the manufacturer My Little Shoebox. She always creates the most amazing layouts and are definitely among my favorites! But I wanted to share this with you specifically because only Melinda can make "quilling" cool! I think she will most likely be the one designer that brings quilling back to the masses...who knows by this time next year it could be all the rage again! 

Flashback to 1983: Flooding in Downtown Salt Lake City 
One of the pluses to living in Utah is the climate...and sometimes it ends up being one of the minuses instead. Lately between the snow melt and constant rain storms we've been having flooding in Salt Lake/Murray areas. This got me thinking about the flooding from my childhood. When I was about 13-14 years old Salt Lake had record breaking flooding. The youth group from my church spent an evening helping bag State Street to keep the man-made river on course and out of local businesses...the river ran right through downtown!! Well State Street was known for teenagers in cars "dragging state" on the weekends hoping to "pick up" a date (or whatever it was they were trying to get from driving up and down a street yelling out their windows at kids of the opposite sex). However, we always joked that we didn't drag state...we "bagged state" and it was amazing. The amazing part of this little trip down memory lane was that I realized that even Google is a huge help in finding popular news story images if you just enter in enough specifics for it to find them. These pictures were from that search...cool huh?? 

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