Imaginisce's B-Day Bash Collection

You all know me, I love scrapbooking. But even more then the act of scrapbooking I LOVE collecting scrapbook products. In fact, I read somewhere about "collecting"...and I need to share that quote with you right now.

"One thing that I've noticed about purchasing anything in excess is that it becomes much more acceptable when it is something that you "collect". Basically, "collect" is a free pass to buy as much as you want of something and not get in trouble with your husband. So, I am hereby declaring myself a...collector scrapbook and paper crafting supplies!!!"

First I'm very excited to show you my first video here on my blog...of course I think I sound completely different when I play it back, but I've been told it's really me...so scroll down to the bottom of this post to check it out! And I thought today instead of rambling on and on about nothing in particular I would show you one of my favorite new collections from Imaginisce. It's the new B-Day Bash Collection and the colors and design are just my style!! I'm only going to show you a small sampling of these here, but you're welcome to jump over to Imaginisce's website and look at all the product. There are also some amazing projects in their online gallery with this collection that you MUST SEE!! 

Double-sided, Heavy-weight Papers: There are six designs and these three are my favorite...but honestly I love them all. They have spot glossy finish on one side of the paper and are still reasonably priced (MSRP $.99). 

Rub-ons: They have three delightful rub-ons and this one is my fav (MSRP $4.49)!!
Banner Ribbons: These fun banner ribbons come in three styles; "Happy Birthday," "Let's Celebrate" and "Birthday Cake". The darling ribbons include a yard of banners on string. You have to admit banner ribbonss are really HOT and TRENDY right now and trust me they are super cute in person (MSRP $4.49).
Springy Stickers: Love, love, love this idea. Each pack comes with three cardstock weight die cuts, each with a little touch of glossy finish and a SPRING on the back. You have to check out the video below to see how stinkin' cute these are. Each pack comes with three of the same die cut/springy sticker in it!! They have three different types available: "Make a Wish," "Piece of Cake," and "It's Party Time" (MSRP $1.99).
Rolled Paper Candles: This was on my wish list for a birthday collection and Imaginisce listened when I suggested them. They are hand rolled candles with a string wick in them. Don't worry about putting them in your scrapbook...they're pretty sturdy and hold up well on layouts or cards. You get six candles and definitely a must have (MSRP $4.49).
My Video Debut: Showing Off the New B-Day Bash Collection

Be sure to check out Imaginisce's blog the week of June 28th...I'll be helping give out tons of FREEBIES!! Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you thought of this fun new B-Day Bash scrapbook collection!
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Kim Holmes said...

How fun to get to hear your voice! Well done on your first video, I loved it! i also can't wait to get my hands on this fun new line! WOW!

sarah said...

i can't wait! :) it's gonna be great!


Melinda Spinks said...

That is so cool! You're famous! LOL!
Can't wait to play with the springy stickers. Thanks for the video, is this the first of many to come??? :)

Keersten said...

Very cute! Those banner ribbons are darling. I can't wait to go find these, perfect for my little summer birthdays coming up!

Mitchell5 said...

I Loved it!! You did awesome!! You really make me want to run out and buy it all... or should I say "collect" it all?? Either way it's a must have!!

Renata Moni said...

Hi,Lori! loved this collection. Can´t wait to get mine!
So nice to hear your voice! Love it!


Marcie said...

Great job your awesomeness! I SO want this stuff! So stinkin' cute! so fun to see you in the movies...maybe an Oscar in the making?????

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