Tuesday Tips: Page Rank & Alexa

Ever wanted to know how you rank? Well, I think you rank pretty high up there on the scale of my readers, friends and family!! You're swell in my book!

But how about if you have a website or blog?

Actually I'm one of those curious types that likes to know which movie, store, or specifically websites and blogs rank on the world wide web. A common phrase you hear when talking about the success of blogs and websites is "PageRank" or PR number. PageRank means a site’s importance in the eyes of Google...the LOWER your PR the better for you. However I recently learned about Alexa, a site that helps track the ranks for popular websites on the web. This is also very helpful for many of you that like to shop online too...ever wanted to know which online site to purchase from?? 

What is Alexa? Alexa is a useful resource for people to discover information about websites. You can use Alexa to discover how popular a site is, to find new sites, to learn who owns a site and a lot more. Whether you are a web professional trying to size up your online competition or you're just trying to find the best website to buy a new TV, Alexa is for you.

I actually spent some time ranking popular sites I visit often, the info was interesting:

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 5,924 Traffic Rank in US: 1,475  Sites Linking In: 3,418
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 28,253   Traffic Rank in US: 8,494  Sites Linking In: 943 
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 52  Traffic Rank in US: 30 Sites Linking In: 153,526
Allreddesign.net (this site...obviously my 6 readers having impacted my place on the web too much)
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 22,151,811  No regional data  Sites Linking In: 6
  •  Alexa Traffic Rank: 14,225  Traffic Rank in US: 4,047 Sites Linking In: 4,176

  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 262  Traffic Rank in US: 43  Sites Linking In: 12,749 
  •  Alexa Traffic Rank: 34,438  Traffic Rank in US: 9,431 Sites Linking In: 943


Interesting don't you think??
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sarah said...

thanks so much for sharing all of that information! :)


HeatherC said...

You know I love you L! (And you are linked on my blog allred e) ;) Sorry for the pun.....

Renata Moni said...

So glad you stopped by my blog! Thanks a lot! Ah, I have linked your blog on mine...


Samantha Hauzer said...

Thanks for all this great info Lori!!!

allreddesign said...

Shucks you guys are so kind!! Love blogging with yoU!

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