Cricut Imagine Launch Party at CHA (rockin it out!!)

I received an invite from Provo Craft to the Cricut Imagine launch party tonight and boy was it a blast!! I've never attended one of their parties, but I've heard about them and can I tell you those Provo Craft kids really know how to throw a fun party. 

First lets talk about the very cool new Cricut Imagine machine. They've partnered with HP to create a machine that will print and cut. It's pretty cool and I can see some great potential with it. I believe it's do out in October. Of course it only prints and cuts out what's on the cartridges you purchase for it, so you're limited. But give Provo Craft time, they'll have a TON of carts to pick for this machine. Personally I'd love to see them partner up with Imaginsice and offer some of those classic icon characters on a cartridge...but that's purely selfish (wink). 

“Cricut Imagine is not only unique to the crafting industry, but to the world of technology. There is not another device that incorporates printing and cutting the way this machine does,” said Jim Thornton, CEO of Provo Craft. “The pairing of print and cut technology could only be done by the leaders in each category—HP and Provo Craft. We’re eager to see what our customers can now do with a simple sheet of white paper and Cricut Imagine print and cut technology.”

Now for the P-A-R-T-Y....first the had a great mix and mingle before hand and had this awesome airbrush artist there doing airbrushed tattoos on anyone that wanted one...couldn't resist. here's me getting my first "tattoo"...sort of!


Next, David Garibaldi performed for us at the party and let me tell you...it was COOL! It's hard to explain though, he was and "artist performer" or "performer artist"...not sure which. But he had a DJ there mixing up the music and then David would dance around a bit and paint this AMAZING pictures to the beat. At first you couldn't tell what they were, but eventually they came to be some very awesome paintings. I especially liked his Einstein painting...he painted it upside down for most of it...which rocked. Here's some badly lit photos, but may you can tell.

Funny thing I realized though, most of the girls (like my friend) thought he was "hot" and really liked him because of that, but all I kept think was..."man I wish my 15 year old son was here, he would think this guy was awesome!" So my take on things is a bit different!! This video wasn't take at our event, but it will give you an idea of how fun great this guy was!!

Here's a link to his website. And thanks Provo Craft for a memorable and fun evening!!

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Marcie said...

Holy cow this in incredible! This looks like an incredible machine! I agree about the partnering up! LOL! It's a super great idea!!!! So glad you had time to have a good time! And I'm SO glad your classes went so well! I've been advertising the heck out of the irock and EVERYONE I've shown LOVES it! I need somemore clear ones!!!
So glad you are home!!!

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