My Confession that I really, really miss GLEE

My Tuesdays are just not the same since Glee ended for the season. I miss the anticipation of wondering what songs (good & bad) they will add their Glee spin to it. Songs like "Dancing with Myself," "Poker Face" and "Don't Stand So Close to Me" were great when sung by the original singers, but I loved them TONS more when I heard them sung on Glee. They never disappoint at all and it's worth watching (in my opinion). Tuesdays were the day I was so excited to sit down and dedicate my uninterrupted time to nothing is on and that makes my Tuesdays very sad. 
Although I'm not spending that much on iTunes these days...every Tuesday cost me about $6-7 in downloads during the season (and yes, I own all the commuting music around)!! 

I had to share a cute video that the very handsome Puck (aka Mark Salling) created about working with the cast of Glee. He's singing in his car on the way to work and he's adorable. I'm sure each actor has a website, but I found Mark's when looking for this video.
I want to be chillin' on Glee with Mark too!! 

Here's a fun wallpaper (not shown) to put on your computer so you won't miss Glee too much while we await it's arrival in the new season! But if you miss the show too much, be sure to check out full episodes on Fox or

By the way, I tried finding when Season 3 will air, but Fox has not announced the date...some speculate that it will not air until 2011 (sniffle and weeping here). But I was reminded that John Stamos will be joining the cast....very curious about that and can he SING?? 


  1. I totally love (& miss) Glee too!! Can't wait for it to be back on. Loved that YouTube video you found...gave me warm fuzzies!

    PS - John Stamos can sing, or at least he does on broadway. ;)

  2. I love Glee (or as my husband calls it "your singing show" before he quickly exits the room. I don't mind his mockery. I don't want to share anyway. :)

  3. I LOVE Glee! And I really miss my weekly dose of Puck, so thanks for the video! Sigh, why do I always go for the bad boys? Oh well...

  4. John Stamos is going to be AWESOME he did a couple shows on broadway (Producers? and Bye-Bye Birdie) from the rumors it sounds like he's going to be Emma's new beau... I can't wait for the season to start!

  5. OMG!!! Me too - totally missing Glee. My son Henry likes to sing Lady Gaga's Bad Romance with me - we are so sad until next season. Since my husband and I are both educators, we laugh so hard at everything that goes on between Sue and Will - hair and all...


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