Make Twilight Badges with your i-Top Tool

For all my peeps that love Twilight and own an i-top tool. here's a fun download for you today. Team Edward and Team Jacob badge/button copy. You can make a whole bunch for your friends and let them pick which team they're rooting for!!

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  1. I don't know about you, but I am definitely on Team Jacob! Washboard abs and a smile that could "kill you". I'll take werewolves over blood suckers any day, plus I'm not really into the pastey, skinny and sulky types. This is a super idea Lori! Love it.

  2. hehehehe!!!! ;)


  3. How cute is this !!

    I'm for team Jacob, Edward looks *don't kill me ok ?* constipated .....

    For a teen flick, the movie is fun enough !!

  4. Great badges, I am a team Jacob girl, I am so glad that in the end he gets his happy ending too!!


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